How to give Car on Rent to Companies in Pakistan

In this article, we are going to discuss, How to give Car on Rent to Companies in Pakistan? Congratulations Moaziz Sarif for being one of the most productive citizens of modern civilization. From every bit of change to the last drop of toothpaste, we’ve managed against many odds to squeeze out all our chances of money-making. But if you’re like us and think you are not using your personal vehicle to the fullest, that this one-time investment of yours appears to be rusting away in dust, the following article was hand-tailored just for you. Stop worrying and rent your car to companies in Pakistan.

How to give Car on Rent to Companies in Pakistan?


For one reason or another, we all want to put each of our resources to sufficient use and so naturally you want to rent your car out to potential establishments near your home. Now one feat of a choice is upon you. Whether the burning questions seem to be “How do I rent my car out for good?” or Where do I rent my car? now the web shall roll all over to get the spider across the query.

Rental Avenues

Laying out the answer first, the places where you can rent your car to are, well, everywhere. The opportunities for renters are well spread and high in density. But like any open market business industry, where the probability of you getting your desired service is found high, a drawback is written for the ease of access as except some online platforms where the process isn’t completely automated too and the services offered are in selected cities, the work is all manual. So that’s one ground zero to start with.

  • With a Middle Party (safer but lower in earning):

The purpose of middle parties such as UTS and others alike is to mediate and make the procedure hassle-free for the customer; essentially they are contracted directly with their known local car rental businesses too.

  • Direct (low safety but higher in earning):

Next to that pond, another one lies here but with a larger number of fish that includes every rental company that you may find on the map under some “Rent A Car” poster. But from all the fish that we see, how do we know which one to peg. So what you might prefer doing is to search in maps, look for the ones with the highest number of positive ratings and dial the number written below. A huge chunk of these settlements does not only incorporate leased or purchased cars in their fleet so that is good news.  With minimum homework, you’ll be in touch with the right people. The industry in itself is a community and if someone may not be able to fulfill your needs, they are most likely to point to the greener grass next door.

There also seem to be other ventures, like corporate rentals but since the use of cars, there is only so much, your chances for getting your shot are little owing largely to co-worker nepotism. Other than that, in instances when a corporate head wishes to take his team across the city to a fancy restaurant, they may not be very inclined in catering to the individual needs of independent people willing to rent out their car, so services like UTS only make sense.


Assuming the service’s been chosen;

Thinking the decision been made;

Now what you need and what do you want;

Looking to rent your car?

Don’t look that far

Just log on to RENTOLE.PK


  • What you need in the first step is the registered owner of the car that you want to rent out with a driving license. If it’s in someone else’s name, if the transfer process seems to be delayed, I’m afraid it might not work out the way you imagined. Since this scenario we’re in is different from that of standard ride-hailing services, rather here, the owner of the vehicle might be liable to some charges during the rental duration which we’ll come back to in a second.
  • You’ll need to have a tracker installed in your car to see for the mileage covered by the rentee, to estimate the fuel used on the go, and to reduce incidences like car abandonment and theft.
  • It’s better that you have a car insurance plan already in place. If not, a coverage plan can be chosen at the rental’s office, varying to a great degree between places. Some growing businesses may not even require you to have your insurance up and running, but since your vehicle will be in a contract and an accident might brick your car, disputes between such precarious parties aren’t unheard of.

What to Expect?

At the time of writing, the average rate for a month-long rental Corolla XLI is 90 thousand (which mind you are the prices the user pays to the company which is then salvaged to the car owner after a cut), with cars like WagonR and Alto from 50-70 thousand a month. 

  • You will on average get 75% of the base fare, 75% of the fine to the user for any extra mileage traveled with 75% of the fine to the user for any extra hours.

Self-Driven vs With a Driver

  • Rates: Self-Driven cars (where the responsibility of the car and its driving is left to the user) usually are rented for a 50-80% higher price but which also comes with increased rental time. Where cars with drivers provided, cost lesser while reducing the rental duration too.
  • Fines and Traffic Challans: If your driver drives past a red light, is speeding, or does any other road offense, the fines inflicted are to be borne by the driver himself/herself and in turn to the owner (you). On the other hand, when in your heart, your car might be calling the song of jeopardy in a self-driven rental, all fines and dues are to be cleared by the user driving at the moment.


No net profits here. Since we’re all optimistic people, by standard practice, the fuel tank is given ‘half full’ to the client which at the time of return should be again maintained to half the levels by the end-user.

Festive Prices

When your home expenses increase at certain times of the year, your earnings are expected to get a raise too since users are charged more exploiting whatever emotions the event brings. 


    • Ensure the company you go for maintains rigid time frames and is careful in the people they give your car too since what one expects from a third party rental is a decrepitated vehicle at the end of the tenure which isn’t half wrong.
    • The car insurance should cover any damages, irrespective of who or who may not be driving. Try getting a dashcam to further help with your claim.
  • When comparing services, do check for deeper waters. What appears to be a healthier annual revenue might be hiding a fine print at the terminal pages of the documents you sign on.

Finally, From this article, you get to know that How to give Car on Rent to Companies in Pakistan. If you are looking for cars on Rent. Check out our Car category to get a vehicle on rent.

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