Pakistani Bridal Dresses Latest Collection For Wedding

Wedding bells are ringing everywhere and almost every bride-to-be is seen searching for the Pakistani bridal dresses trend for 2021. And why not, choosing the best bridal dress is a wish of every bride. Weddings especially in Pakistan are eminent for their wide range of pre-wedding and post-wedding festivities and celebrations. Family and friends start doing preparations weeks before the actual celebration starts. And the center of the attention, the bride not only looks herself but also her friends, family and colleagues advise her about the latest bridal dresses trends. 

Asian bridal fashion especially the Pakistani bridal dresses are popular all over the world for their alluring designs, color schemes, and craftsmanship. Diving into the long list of bridal dresses, here is a list of the top ten Pakistani bridal dress trends for the year 2021.

Styles of Bridal Dresses

Ranging from lehenga choli to Asian gowns; frocks, dish wash to peplums; sharara and Gharara to Anarkali dresses; fancy gowns to double breast shirts … there is a long list of style option in our list of bridal dresses trends. Past years were overwhelmed with the brides wearing heavily embellished Maxi dresses. However, Lehanga Choli never loses its charm and many Pakistani brides still prefer the evergreen attire of traditional lehenga choli bridal dresses. Peplum shirts with veil dupatta and puffy lehenga are also on the list of Pakistani bridal dress trends for 2021.

Colors of Bridal Dresses

Traditionally, Pakistani weddings comprised of around five to seven days of functions starting from dholki, Mayoun, Mehandi to nikah, Barat, Walima, and Mukhlawa. In recent years, more celebrations are added to the wedding festivities like the concept of a bridal shower, etc. Different brides prefer different color schemes for each of their functions. Pre-wedding functions like dholki, Mayon, and Mehandi usually comprise bright and funky color combinations. For nikah and Barat most of the brides go for traditional red or maroon colors. Walima function is the most diversified one with a long list of color options like peach, green, pistachio, royal blue, sky blue, skin, off white and purple, etc. And for bridal showers, most brides prefer wearing fairy-like frocks in light color tones.

The Craftsmanship of Bridal Dresses

One of the extraordinary aspects of any bridal dress is the quality of its craftsmanship. Pakistani bridal dresses are well known for their intricate designs, heavy embroidery, detailed motifs, and rich brocades. The elegancy of these dresses is not only limited to our country but also abroad. Not only established designers in this field are using a wealth of age-old knowledge but new designers in the field of bridal dress designing are following their footsteps and coming up with a wide range of bridal dresses. Pakistani designers are well known for their beautiful collection of bridal dresses collections and are in demand not only nationally but also internationally. 

Based on the requirements of the bride, any combination of embroidery can be used like the kora, Dabka, Phulkari, Crystal, and beads work, Gota, Sitara, Resham, Chickenkari, appliqué, Zarkon, Mukaish, zari, Tilla and the list goes on. The bridal dresses are further embroidered and embellished with sequins, threads, and different kinds of adornments. For the weddings taking place in the winter seasons, hand-embellished velvet shawls are a must part of Pakistani bridal dresses nowadays.

Cloth Type for Bridal Dresses

A bridal dress should not be beautiful and elegant, but it should be comfortable too. Designers all over the country are working day and night and bringing in new designs and technologies to make the bridal dresses look beautiful aesthetically and feel comfortable physically.

Ranging from Jamawar, chiffon, silk, georgette to tissue, crepe, organdy, organza; and up to cambric, Chenille, rayon, velvet, and charmeuse… there is a long list of fabrics that are mostly used in bridal dresses alone or there is a combo of multiple of them.

Popular Pakistani Bridal Dresses Designers

Pakistani bridal dresses are not just a name of apparel. Rather they are a significant feature of our traditions and cultures. There are many renowned dress designers in Pakistan who made their name in the industry of bridal dresses. Below is the list of the top five fashion designers of Pakistan:

  1. Fahad Hussain bridal dresses are always a splash of variant colors. His bridal lehengas never monochromatic rather they comprise several panels of contrasting colors. And the Walima dresses are embellished with colorful thread work and pearls.
  2. Sana Safinaz is not only a household name in casual wear but she is also famous for her intricate and sparkling bridal dresses made up of unique and classy embellishments.
  3. When we talk about simple and elegant bridal dresses then Asifa & Nabeel are on the top of the list. Their bridal collections have a soft touch yet classy look.
  4. Maria B. is not only made her name in summer and winter collections but also emerged as a rock star in bridal wear. Her bridal range comprises original traditional colors as well as traditional embellishments and work. Her velvet shawls are a must-have for brides nowadays.
  5. Deepak Perwani is the man behind 6 Lux Style Awards. He got the best international designer award in Miami Awards. He is one of the popular names who brought the best ideas to the fashion industry. His bridal collection comprises a variety of colors and the traditional look of the Mughal Era.

Pakistani society comprises the lower class, middle class, and upper class. Not every bride can afford to pay for these high price tag dresses. understands that wedding is not just a festivity but a special day that comes only once in a life of a girl. Therefore, those brides who cannot afford these high price tag dresses can always go to and get their desired bridal dress on rent, rent to own, or rent to buy.

The hard work of Pakistani fashion designers has made it easy for the brides to choose the best Pakistani bridal dresses for the special day of their life. Whether you are looking for a traditional style comprising of exceptional craftsmanship and detailing or a modern bridal dress with the western look, Pakistani bridal dresses designers have marked their name and is there to help everyone reach them.

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