Top 20 Things You Can Rent Out to Make Money

Renting products to make more money is a new trend! Buying in installments always stays an option if you feel satisfied enough with the product but do not have enough money for a one-time investment. At Rentole, we offer you a chance to rent out your products at the best prices. Following are the items that you can rent out to make good money.

Wedding Dresses 

There is no doubt that weddings are central to the fashion industry in Pakistan and add massively to it. People often run marathons to throw the perfect wedding dress and wait for the event their entire lives. However, we forget that there are now ways in Pakistan where you can now rent the most fitting attire to satisfy all sides of your personality on your big day. Wedding dresses on rent range from lehengas and gowns to maxi dresses. These offer a cross between kameez and kurta. 

Similarly, other styles and options, apart from the ones described above, also come under the wedding dresses for sale category. All parcels get packaged carefully with the best courier service, ranking as one of the most efficient online places for Pakistani female wedding dresses. 

However, there is good news for those who have their wedding dresses catching dust from years back. You can now upload any article and sell wedding dresses on installments or rent on Rentol and start minting money from the comfort of your home! 

  • Pakistani Bridal Dresses On Rent

This is the time when brides want to look beautiful. Hence they buy very expensive bridal dresses to make their day memorable. If you belong to a poor family and can not afford to buy expensive bridal dresses. There is an alternative now you can inquire about online wedding dresses for women on rent.

  • Pakistani Groom Dresses On Rent

When comes to buying groom dresses they are not stepping back to their brides. Nowadays grooms are also conscious of the selection of Sherwani, Shalwar kameez, or other traditional dress. If you can not afford to pay for an expensive dress no worries about your special occasion. Now in Pakistan wedding dresses for men on rent facility is available. Hence you can save your money as well and manage this expensive dress by paying some amount.


You might feel surprised that vehicles in Pakistan rank as one of the most hot-selling items on the website. The number of rentals and purchases goes up to about a million. 

Rentole offers the best deals and services to help all their customers avail the best of their products. Therefore, dealers and individuals do not have to think twice before trusting it. Installments make matters more convenient and help owners utilize their vehicles in the best way possible. Whether it comes to buses, vans, trucks, cars, bikes, or even chingchi’s, Rentole gives you the most transparent and efficient selling system. What is more, is that vehicles on rent or vehicles on sale range between different price categories and models according to the desired location. 

1. Bikes on Rent in Pakistan

If you are looking for how to rent a bike in Pakistan. Then definitely you are at the right place where you will find multiple options. Also, you will find other options such as Suzuki 110 price in Pakistan and more. Bikes on rent in Pakistan culture is increasing day by day people give priority for renting rather then buying.

2. Cars on rent in Pakistan

Cars are the most loved vehicle around the world. Nowadays, the cars on rent business are growing day by day. Because it is easy to startup and requires only investment to move forward and stick.

Video Gaming

Spent too much on your gaming console and need to save on the other expenses? You can now log onto Rentole’s website and avail all the perks you have longed for. Feel free to rent or buy the highest-ranking video games in Pakistan with the most efficient delivery system, with an added installment permission. 

If you feel too tired of playing the same game over, contact the website and get your video games for rent uploaded. These can even include video games for rent to make maximum profits and get the best deals online, or video games for sale

Women’s Fashion

The women’s fashion industry in Pakistan is one of the fastest-growing ones to date. When searching for the latest trends, whether for shoes, jeans, bags, or watches, one can feel too overwhelmed. There exist numerous options, especially online, and authenticity becomes a problem. However, Rentole has become one of Pakistan’s most trusted websites for all your fashion needs, and that, too, gets delivered to your doorstep.

Not just this, but Rentole allows its users to buy, sell or even rent out the best quality party wear dresses. Women’s fashion for rent, such as the one listed above, includes various options, such as pret, luxury pret, and unstitched wear.

Other women’s accessories include cosmetic items, bangles, and more. There are also multiple options available for women fashion clothes wearing for different occasions. Options in women’s fashion for sale include multiple women bags varieties such as Handbags, Hobo bags, Tote bags, Duffle bags, Messenger bags, and Backpacks. 

Furthermore, you can also find different varieties of women footwear such as golden heels, bridal footwear, high heels, shoes, and more. Women watches are also available for buying or you can rent such as smasung smartwatch, Tomi, and others. 

  1. Women Jewellery in Pakistan

Since ancient times, women’s jewelry gets associated with femininity and beauty. Similarly, women in Pakistan often voluntarily like to indulge in the world of jewels and adornment. Rentole is the best place to meet all your jewelry needs, where you can now find the best Pakistani women’s jewelry on rent down to the most intricate of designs. Women’s jewelry for rent ranges from traditional ballis to hoops and studs to meet everyone’s needs. You can also put your new or antique pieces up for sale or rent to make extra profits over the product. An option of paying in installments also comes with the women’s jewelry for sale category.

     2. Women’s Accessories in Pakistan

Female accessories are widely used by them. Women accessories on rent include their earnings, bangles, female watches, bags, makeup, footwear, and more.

3. Ladies’ clothes in Pakistan

Females are very conscious while choosing their clothes. Women fashion clothes on rent is an additional option for them to save extra money.

Electronics and Home Appliances

In the world that we know today, home appliances have become a necessity rather than a luxury. Electronics and Home appliances in Pakistan range between washing machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, freezers, and blenders, and the list are endless. 

Rentole gives you the best opportunity to use either of the two options, going for electronics or home appliances for rent or electronics and home appliances for sale. 

If one feels they cannot give the total amount to purchase the product, they can even pay it in installments. 

Furniture and Home Decor 

Home Decor has slowly become an area of great interest for many, and people now decorate interiors as a hobby. Whether it comes to your baby’s first new room or organizing your workstation, everyone wants the home decor to be a fun experience. It has come to give you just that, with the added feature of offering furniture and home decor services for rent in the furniture and home decor in Pakistan subcategory. 

On the other hand, you can also, at times, find yourself switching houses and needing to remove the extra furniture clutter. In such a case, feel free to upload a picture of your long-worn sofa our website. You would feel surprised at how many dealers you can find online and how much money can get made. For the furniture and home decor on rent for the actual price. 

Sports and Fitness 

With obesity and several health problems on the rise, sports and fitness in Pakistan have faced a relapse. If you wish to start your fitness journey once again, wait no more because we brings you the best tummy trimmer equipment, together with low-calorie foods, to keep you fully covered. 

If ones do not have the funds for such supplies now, one can go for installments, particularly for the sports and fitness for sale option. 

The rest who wish to experiment with different materials can go for the sports and fitness for rent category or even put up their supplies for rent to reap maximum benefit. 

Musical Instruments 

Ever wanted to learn guitar on Youtube but never owned one? Are you a good vocalist and need a good tune in the background for your music videos? If so, you should put all your worries aside because Rentole brings you one of the fastest online services for musical instruments in Pakistan. 

If one wishes to buy an instrument, be it a guitar, violin, or drum, one can browse through the musical instruments for sale option. Other options also cater to musical instruments on rent for those who do see themselves striving high in the musical industry. 


Cellphones have always been a need since times. The cellphone industry in Pakistan is as thriving as before despite it being a developing state. Be it android phones or Apple, we offer the best deals for both with surprisingly reasonable rates. 

Log onto your nearest website if you find yourself looking for mobiles in Pakistan, mobiles on rent or mobiles for sale with an installment option. 

It is one of the best websites for those wishing to earn an extra profit on their rusty gadgets. 

Films and Photography 

Canon and Nikon are two of the biggest giants in film and photography in Pakistan. People passionate about their careers in the media sector must feel assured because our brand offers the best deals online for films and photography for sale and films and photography for rent. 

For the more high-end DSLRs, it is understandable that one cannot fill in the total amount. Therefore, they can pay in installments according to their convenience. 

Computers and Tabs 

Be it your younger siblings, who need a tab to play Temple Run on, or an iPad you need for an important assignment, Rentole has got you covered. Since the computers and tabs industry in Pakistan is extensive, it can get overwhelming to navigate your way through the many options. 

However, at Rentole, you can now select the device according to your preferences. These range between the categories computer and tabs for sale or computers and tabs for rent. 

Furthermore, you can even put up your own devices on the website to convince buyers to purchase or rent out your product. 

Construction Equipment 

Are you an art student and often require plaster of Paris for a project, only to find it out of stock at your nearby bookshop? Worry no more because now you can avail several options for construction equipment in Pakistan. Log on to Rentole’s website to avail benefits for both construction equipment for sale and construction equipment for rent variations. 

Additionally, if you have tools, such as a boxboard or any craft material, consider putting them up in this platform. It helps one to earn money, either in the form of rent or a one-time payment or installments. 

Hardware Tools

Every house has a toolbox, but it is the tool one needs most that one can never find. However, with the new convenience of shopping or renting online at Rentole, say goodbye to all your concerns. 

You can now look for the best quality hardware tools in Pakistan, starting with screwdrivers to the more heavy chainsaws. The option of installments for hardware tools for rent further adds to the list of perks. 

Additionally, you can put up your hardware tools for rent them on the website for free! 


Looking to adopt a pet but cannot find a suitable place? Our online store offers an innovation of the option to adopt animals for sale or bring a furry friend home for a day with the animals for rent option. 

Viewers can select the breed of their choice from animals in Pakistan before purchasing or even putting up their pets for adoption from home. 


If you currently classify yourself as a student on a budget, head to Rentole to rent a couple of academic books for the year. The website contributes to books in Pakistan with newer and better options, such as the academics for sale and the academics for rent variety. 

One can even put their books on rent because what can be better than paper getting recycled? 

Travel and Outdoor 

The category, travel and outdoor in Pakistan on Rentole comes with a whole line of products, starting with fordable picnic tables, cars up for purchase or rent, portable battery packs, and all sorts of backpacks. 

Now you can shop or rent online in the travel and outdoor for sale or travel and outdoor products on rent categories, respectively. Your next trip to the mountains is only a click away! 

You can also put up any travel appliances of your own to make additional money. 


Are you worried about your sister’s wedding at such short notice? Log onto Rentol for ease in the setup because the website offers all that exists under the events in Pakistan category. 

Be it a Halloween party or Eid festival, one can buy, sell, rent, or rent out their favorite props and costumes. Categories that you would want to look out for include events for sale and events on rent


Property in Pakistan is a great way to make money, especially when one can put it up for rent or sell it on Rentole. One can now browse through houses, villas, or apartments in the property for sale and property on rent options. 


One would feel surprised at the number of books available at Rentole, ranging between all types of fiction and non-fiction. Log into your nearest Rentole website to borrow, rent out, sell or purchase books of your choice for easy convenience. For further ease, you can look up the options for books for sale and books for rent in the books in Pakistan section. 

If you can not afford for buying books you can get in touch for books on rent. Make sure to go to the category specific to your product, and you will stay good to go! 

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