Rent/Sell Everything with Rentolé!

No matter what is your gender, identity, profession, or location – Rentolé is for everyone, everywhere.

Rentolé is not just an innovative platform, but an out-of-the-box approach to resource sharing and a new form of Renting, Selling, and Buying. Whether you are an owner, renter, or potential buyer…it has something for everyone, belonging to every aspect of life.

Everyone does not have universal access to accessories, devices, equipment, resources, etc. Similarly, everyone has variation in terms of resource consumption. Different people have different buying and user behavior. People with a limited budget buy things and then use them for years, keeping in mind the cost to change them. Some people who are conscious of repeating things keep on buying things and don’t use them again. They either give them away or place them in their wardrobe forever. Whether you belong to the first category of people or the second; you must have something in your home or office that is unused or you don’t use too often. Rentolé is here to help you utilize everything from a pen and book to a car, heavy machinery, and house. You can rent fancy dresses, rent ps4, rent camping equipment, and rent toys up to even renting a car, heavy machinery, or house.

As an owner, you will not only earn money for yourself but also benefit other people by sharing your unused/not often used items with them. This is an economical model as well as a way to reduce part of your carbon footprint.

As a renter, you can save money and utilize it on something better or necessary. For Rentolé, renting is another name to limit lavish expenses and moving towards affordable spending.

Mrs. Akram is a middle-class woman who does not want to repeat formal dresses in front of her family. Thanks to Rentolé, now she gets fancy dresses on rent and enjoys every function in a different dress with matching jewelry and purse too.

Ms. Sara was writing a research project and didn’t want to buy Oculus QR2 for just 4 days. Rentolé helped her too by providing her with Oculus QR on rent.

Kids love playing Xbox and ps4, however, many parents cannot afford or don’t want to buy them due to addiction issues. Rentolé offers Xbox and ps4 on rent. Join other parents; save money and limit your child’s exposure to the screen by renting ps4 or renting Xbox once or twice a month from Rentolé.

Planning camping? I am sure you will prefer to rent camping equipment from Rentolé instead of rushing for quick buying of things that you need only once or twice a year.

Summers are approaching and kids love pool parties, outings, and get together with their friends and cousins. Whether you need a big pool, jumpoline for your birthday, durable crockery for a party, or a car seat for a quick trip; Rentolé is here to help you rent everything for everyone in your house.

If every one of us joins hands and is a part of the Rentolé initiative of Share & Care, it will not only distribute the economic burden but also we can help each other in getting their long-desired items. Nonetheless renting on a larger scale can significantly reduce the carbon footprint and amount of waste generated every year.

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