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Wedding dresses are one of the things where the Bride and Groom spend a lot of time finding Perfect dresses for the event. The dresses reflect the personality, so it’s very important to choose the best designer wedding dresses. In this article, we are discussing the Rise of Pink Color in Bridal Dresses; Also, the best brands to buy Pakistani Wedding Dresses.

In Asian weddings especially Pakistani weddings, lighter more subtle shades of pink color are widely used in Nikah and Walima dresses. Whereas brighter, dark, and eye-catching colors are mostly reserved for Barat ceremonies. Despite the season, these dark vs. light colors are taken as a tradition and reserved for these particular ceremonies. Similarly, brides follow these traditional color schemes and are usually reluctant to try something new.  

Do you think pink could be the new red in Pakistani Barat functions? While the classic red maroon dress always stays in style but the variations in pink Barat dresses are becoming popular day by day and there is surely a reason behind them. Whether your complexion is dark, light, or intermediate; pink color is one of those special colors that go well with any skin tone. Moreover, it works well with any color combination. Whether you consider yourself a traditional bride-to-be or a new age conformist bride-to-be, you can choose any palette of pink color and it will surely add wonders to your upcoming big day.

Coordinating Pink Color in Pakistani Bridal Wedding Dresses

When it comes to wearing a pink bridal dress for your big day; like red dresses, you have numerous options to choose from. As it is going to be your big day, the choice is all yours. You can choose an all pink tone, use a bit of pink color as contrast or use pink highlight tones. 

There are many neutral colors in bridal dresses like white, ivory, and silver, and black that are well coordinated with pink hues. But most Pakistani brides prefer brighter colorful attire on Barat so they are more interested in choosing a bolder and colorful bridal dresses color palette. No matter pink is the main color for your wedding dress or a subtle contrast, it works great with trendy shades of lavender/lilac color, Aqua/turquoise/teal color, rich chocolate/cocoa color, lemon yellow color, and apple green color, etc.

The best aspect of using pink color in your bridal dress is that there are unlimited numbers of shades available. If you want to go for a lighter tone, you can use pink, peach, crepe, blush, or flamingo colors as a contrast. if you want to go for a brighter and bolder look then there are many variations of dark pink, shocking pink colors like fuscia, magenta, roseweed, punch, and strawberry colors.

Styles of Pink Color Bridal Dresses

Since pink is a truly feminine color so the bridal dresses using pink color incorporates lovely and elegant feminine crafts ideas. Elegantly crafted waists with A-line bottom are popular as they give similar look to princess gowns. Lehanga is the most iconic bridal dress in Pakistani weddings and a bold pink lehenga paired with choli and elegantly draped dupatta will surely add a splendid look to the bride.

Initially, it may not be in your mind to find a pink bridal dress for your big day but as you start doing your shopping you will unexpectedly come across a wide range of pink color bridal dresses. And despite being a unique color for Barat dress, you will notice pink bridal dresses are not a new addition to the list. You will see many reddish-pink bridal dresses and many dresses with some form of pink contrast. Nearly any bridal dress can be produced in a rose pink tone. 

Pakistani Wedding Dresses Top Brands

Here are some pink color wedding dresses that Pakistani brides wore down the aisle;

Maria B.’s

This elegant pink bridal contrast dress from Maria B.’s wedding collection is decorated with heavy embroidery and embellishments.


This pretty pink dress from HSY features dazzling embellishment on the body part and large floral designs on the front side.


Elan is well known for her epitome of style and elegance and this bride proves this in a baby pink bridal dress. Her bridal dresses truly reflect traditional bridal dresses incorporated into today’s fashion demand.

Maria Basit Malik

Staying in line with the changing requirements of bridal dresses from bold red to light pink, Maria Basit Malik comes up with this heavily embellished bridal dress with a contrasting dupatta.

And here comes a beautiful bridal dress in pink tone with magenta contrast. Comprising of heavily embellished and paneled long shirt with crushed lehenga and contrasting dupatta can add charm to any bride wearing it.

Mohsin Naveed Ranjha

Looking at this signature three-piece peshwas bridal dress by Mohsin Naveed Ranjha; we can see that today’s designers are amalgamating pink hues in their dresses; one way or another.

Another coral pink dress by Mohsin Naveed Ranjha gives a fresh fruity bridal look by using raw silk long shirt with a brocade gharara. The beautiful gota and pearl work adds wonders to the dress.

Kanwal Malik

A hot pink lehenga choli by Kanwal Malik creates magic with its intricate hand-made embellishments. Whether it’s a dupatta, shirt, or lehenga; everything shows beautiful detailing and craftsmanship.


This beetroot pinkish peplum bridal dress by MUSE forms a stunning bridal dress by using intricate hand embellishments using traditional and contemporary materials and craftsmanship.

Mehmood Khan Design Studio

A traditional red plum shirt and dupatta with tea lehenga by Mehmood Khan Design Studi. This signifies the fact that red will never be out of fashion in Pakistani bridal dresses and pink is on the rise to complement the traditional reds.

Tanya Khan

Tanya Khan brings a rich amalgamation of shocking pink color with heavy gold ensembles on the lehenga and choli. The dress is complemented by a delicately embellished dupatta. If you want to go for bold and bright colors for your wedding then this bridal dress is a must-buy for you.

Zarmisha Dar

Zarmisha Dar comes up with an adorable feminine cut in her range of bridal dresses. It is a heavily embellished dress that is adorned with intricate handwork in the traditional red-maroon hue.

No doubt Pink Bridal Dresses are truly feminine, pretty, and fairy-like. With the option to choose many shades from baby pink to shocking pink, there is always a way for every bride to look fabulous in pink attire on her wedding day.

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