Online Second Hand Shopping in Pakistan

There was a time when second-hand shopping in Pakistan was taboo. People used to call them landa bazaar or sasta bazaar which was limited to people who could not afford to buy new things. The upper class did not need to go there but the Middle class could not even think of going there for the fear of being seen and ridiculed. However, time passes, things change and you begin to see new opportunities in everything. With the passage of time, these landa bazaars have emerged as a new paradigm in the world of shopping. Today they are respectfully known as second-hand shopping, thrift shopping, etc. Pakistani entrepreneurs also stepped into this field and online second-hand shopping stores in Pakistan are popping up everywhere. 

Here are some benefits of online second-hand shopping in Pakistan:

Online second-hand shopping in Pakistan is CHEAPER:

In third-world citizens like us, the price tag is an important deciding factor for purchasing anything. Online second-hand shopping saves you big bucks of money by not only saving you the cost of visiting the shops physically but also because top-notch products are available at bargain prices. RENTOLE showcases many branded expensive clothes that were worn just for few hours. With RENTOLE, you can change your wardrobe every season. Just put your old clothes for rent/sale and buy new clothes with the money you earn. 

Online second-hand shopping in Pakistan is AFFORDABLE:

Many women in Pakistan spend a huge amount of money on designer clothes and accessories. They use them once or twice and then those items stay in their wardrobe forever. Similarly, many women in Pakistan desire to own those designer items but cannot afford them. Online second-hand shopping platforms help in this regard. RENTOLE not only gives its users the opportunity to buy used designer clothes and accessories at a cheaper price but also goes one step ahead by giving the options of Installments’ in the form of RENT TO BUY and RENT TO OWN.

Online second-hand shopping in Pakistan has PRODUCT ROTATIONS:

Huge brands in Pakistan come up with new arrivals at the start of every season or festival and the same stock is available for months until the season changes. However, people place their used items for rent/sale regularly and in a developed country like Pakistan, people buy them almost daily. Therefore, you will probably find new products on the websites on almost every visit.

Online second-hand shopping in Pakistan is ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY:

Second-hand shopping works on the concept of reducing & reusing. Not only it saves us money but also saves our environment by reducing the carbon footprint.


RENTOLE is an innovative platform that not only supports online second-hand shopping in Pakistan but also gives its users the opportunity to buy new products. With its distinct product showcase and monetary system, you can find all your favorite things in one place as well as buy them on full payment or on different installment plans.

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