Terms and Conditions

The following content is not allowed on Rentole :

  1. Pornography
  2. Anything that encourages violence of any kind or form toward children or that fall under the age group of 18. This is not limited to bullying. Verbal or physical.
  3. That promotes any kind of hate or includes singling out anyone on the basis of color, gender, religion, or ethnicity.
  4. That allows gambling in any form or manifestation.
  5. Any word that encourages hatred, violence, or an act of terror.
  6. Buying and selling of prohibited commodities like alcohol, drugs, etc
  7. Anything that is related to medicines. That is not allowed in the law.

Business Activities that are not allowed

  1. Promoting or providing assistance in buying and selling drugs that are illegal by the law.
  2. Guidelines that help in making drugs that are not allowed in the law.
  3. That promotes any type of fraud. It may include and is not limited to financial products and services selling.
  4. That may lead a person or entity to public prosecution or punishment of any sort.


You should be at least 13 years of age. So that you may become eligible to use the Rentole service. By doing so. You agree to and acknowledge the terms and conditions. That is not limited to mentioned above. Moreover, you may also accept and acknowledge the laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

End-User Terms Of The Agreement

It is worth noting that Rentole will be not held responsible if the customer bought or rented or bought on installment. By direct contacting the product owner. If the customer or product owner has any issues with each other. They will deal by themselves without involving any of the staff of Rentole Pakistan.

Rentole will assist its customers, who have rented the products from the Rentole facilitation point. Moreover, they will be delighted to hear that Rentole will play a role as a mediator to get back the rented product back on time. Along with the rent. At the same time. Rentole will not hold responsible if the rentee damaged the product. Or lost it.

Ownership and Trademark rights of Use

The Rentole reserves the exclusive right to use its trademarks. In the forms of logos, slogans, and tradenames. They are used on behalf of Azex Solutions Pvt Ltd, which owns them, therefore it is not allowed by any individual or any company to use them. Without prior permission in the form of writing and approval of Azex Solutions Pvt Ltd. Whatever is posted on the Rentole website or app either belongs to Rentole or the owners of that asset. Duplication in any form such as modifications, editing, or partial removal is strictly prohibited.

Any damage caused resulting from such action will be penalized by the laws governing the country laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. That is used in running the website or app. All of this is mentioned is protected by intellectual laws. No one will be allowed to misuse computer code, design, software, products, or services. Otherwise, they will face legal action from the Rentole.


Rentole Pakistan is providing services according to the availability of the products. The company will not provide any sort of warranty in the form of verbal or written. The Rentole company will follow the guidelines that are mentioned in the law.

When using the Rentole Pakistan services. You take sole responsibility for using our services. The company cannot be held liable for any e-mails sent in their names. By other parties that may cause any damage to the customer. You also accept and acknowledge the possible outcomes of the agreements made with the third party. Anyone cannot claim any damage caused after the execution of the agreements from Rentole.

The company Rentole, its employees, and its agents are free from such claims. That arises from disputes or any form of misunderstanding between the two parties. All the parties involved that are not part of the company will take any responsibilities that may be caused because of it.


All the rights and duties of this document are governed by the Laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Any kind of misunderstanding disputes the Rentole received will be referred to the competent authority for further action. The damages can be claimed from them. Rentole will also take legal action if it finds that its intellectual rights are violated in any form or manifestation. The Rentole company will exercise all its rights to protect its integrity in the eyes of the law. All the arbitration will be done in English. You may also agree and acknowledge that any damage caused to you will be contested in the country’s courts not beyond that.

User Generated Content (UGC)

Rentole content is based on the images or videos uploaded by the registered users. The app has the option of reporting. That any user can use it in case of the images or videos are inappropriate or violates the Privacy Policy of Rentole.