Proton Car Price in Pakistan

Having headquarters in Selangor, Malaysia, Proton is the first automobile manufacturing company in Malaysia that produced the very first locally made vehicle in Malaysia named Proton Saga. Proton is an established and trustworthy name in Malaysia’s automaker industry whose annual sale is around a hundred thousand cars. X70 was recently launched in Pakistan. Proton car price in Pakistan alongside its features added a competitive name to the automotive industry of Pakistan.

Proton Car History

The history of Proton cars ways back to 1983 when the Malaysian Prime Minister put forward the innovative idea of manufacturing a National Car for the country. Today, Proton is not only known as Malaysian first national car but it also marked its name in various countries and Pakistan is one of them. Offering a lucrative package of luxury and comfort within affordability; Proton won the heart of the Pakistani automotive industry.

Proton cars are known for their safety, affordability, and fast pace. Almost all cars feature the best engines in the industry. Proton is not only maintaining the performance and safety of its cars but keeping them within an affordable range for normal customers.

Al-Haj Automotive Pvt. Ltd. is the pioneer who initially built the Proton Car manufacturing plant in 2019 in Karachi. Once the manufacturing plant will be fully established then Al-Haj Group will be able to follow the path of other local cars in Pakistan by not only importing car parts for Proton cars but also assembling them locally and selling them via local dealers.

Proton X70 Specifications

Proton X70 is an SUV featuring C-Segment. It not only has flexible architecture but also a solid interior and the best engine.

Proton X70 Variants

X70 comes in two variants in Pakistan:

  • Proton X70 AWD Executive 
  • X70 FWD Premium

Proton X70 Competitors:

The major competitors of Proton X70 in Pakistan are:

  • Hyundai Tucson 
  • KIA Sportage
  • MG HS

Proton Saga

Proton Saga can be easily recognized as Suzuki Mehran car of Malaysia. It’s an affordable car that enabled many Malaysians to enjoy the luxury of sedan cars at an affordable price. Proton Saga is also launched in Pakistan and as expected it gave tough competition to sedan cars in Pakistan like it did in Malaysia. 

Proton Pakistan

It is in partnership with Al-Haj Group showed its debut in the Pakistani automotive market. This car is available in two variants in Pakistan i.e. Proton X70 and Proton Saga. Al-Haj Group being the official distributor of Proton cars in Pakistan marks the arrival of CBU units of Proton X70 and Proton Saga.

Proton Car price in Pakistan

Car is available for sale in Pakistan on the official Proton website as well as other websites like RENTOLE where users can find Proton cars along with their features, pictures, and reviews.

  • Proton X70 AWD Executive 
PKR 4,890,000
  • Proton X70 FWD Premium
PKR 5,390,000


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