Top 5 Dulha Mehndi Dresses | Dulha Dress

A Pakistani wedding is incomplete without a Mehndi function. This bright, colorful, and full of dance, music, and enthusiasm event becomes the star of the entire wedding season. 

People often invest a lot of time, money, and effort in ensuring the Mehndi function goes as planned. An integral part of this event is the dresses worn by the bride and groom which complement the entire theme of the function.

Here are some of the most trending and all-time favorite dulha mehndi dress worn in Pakistan.

Mehndi Kurta Shalwar Style

The kurtaShalwar design is one of the most popular dulha dress designs used in Pakistani weddings. It is simple yet very fashionable. This style suits almost every groom and is also quite comfortable to wear for the entire event. A complementing waistcoat can also be accessorized with this mehndi dulha dresses to make the groom stand out even more. The groom can choose to either wear a fitted kurta and shalwar for the event or style the kurta with a ghairshalwar, depending on his likes. 

Jamawar Sherwani

For those grooms who want to wear something heavy and embroidered to their Mehndi function, this dulha mehndi dress is perfect for them. The JamawarSherwani gives a royal look to the groom as well. It can be worn with straight pants and a pair of modgris. Pairing this dress with a bright and stylish turban or a side dupatta would further enhance the look.

Velvet-Styled Sherwani

Perfect for winter weddings, a velvet-styled sherwani would not only look glamorous but also keep the groom warm throughout the event. This velvet-styled dulha mehndi dress looks best in deep colors such as dark red, navy blue, or black. It is often accessorized using large-sized golden or silver buttons on the chest as well as some gold embroidery on the sleeves. This sherwani can be worn with matching straight shalwar pants, dress shoes, and a complementing shawl to finish the overall look.

Plain Kurta with Embroidered Dupatta

Another famous mehndi dress for groom design is a simple, plain kurta adorned with a heavy, designer, and embroidered dupatta to go along with it. The kurta is often of a light color such as white, off-white, or cream. It is mostly accessorized with premium cufflinks to give a more formal and aesthetic look to the groom. 

The dupatta worn with it has intricate details and design, showing a lot of precise work during the design process. This dulha dress mehndi selection gives a very elegant look to the entire event.

Angrakha Style Dulha Mehndi Dress

The Angrakha style has become a very popular choice as a dulha mehndi dress pakistani weddings. This style reminds us of the old traditional outfits worn by the educated class of the sub-continent. This dress usually comes in a combination of different colors, the most popular ones being red and black. 

A lot of different styles of Angrakha have become available in the market having different cuts and shapes of the neck, styles of the buttons, and even unique designing based on the customer demands.The Angrakha style compliments the youth and glamorizes the entire theme of the Mehndi event.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous types of dulha mehndi dresses available in the market, having different styles, combinations of colors, materials, embroidery, etc. 

Therefore, you would find something as per your wants and taste if you search properly. Choose the dress you like the most and what fits your personality, the event’s theme, and of course, your budget properly. 

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