The Rise of Bicycle for Sale in Pakistan

With the passage of time, we have witnessed a rise in bicycles for sale and purchase in Pakistan. Bicycles are an important means of transport in rural areas of Pakistan. But nowadays, if you drive through the streets of urban areas of Pakistan, you see many cyclists cycling along the road. 

Cycling in Pakistan can be roughly divided into four groups. The first group comprises daily users like gardeners, security guards, and daily wages workers who use bicycles as a must need on daily basis. The second group comprises luxury bikers who are mostly seen wearing safety gear, riding bicycles at night. The third group comprises environmental bikers who consider the bicycle as a healthy alternative to bikes and cars and use it to reduce their part of carbon footprint. And the fourth group comprised of those people who are advised by health professionals to use a bicycle as a part of their exercise routine. There are many factors that prompted a rapid increase in bicycles for sale in Pakistan. Here are a few:

Increased Health Awareness:

Pakistan has witnessed an increased rate of obesity during the past few years. Health professionals are trying their best to increase awareness about obesity and how to avoid them; cycling being one of them. Since cycling provides a wide range of benefits so health professionals are heavily advocating cycling as an exercise for their obese patients. Similarly, there are many people who do cycling on a routine basis to keep themselves fit and healthy. 

Social Media Groups:

Over the past couple of years, many groups are formed on Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social media channels that connect people for different activities; cycling groups being one of them. Considered as a healthy way of socializing, the cycling enthusiasts communicate with each other via social media and plan for different cycling activities at different venues.

Leisure Bicycle for Sale in Pakistan:

Pakistani-produced bicycles like Sohrab are not suitable for leisure cycling as they are manufactured keeping in mind the daily workers and laborers who use them on daily basis. However, there are many workshops that modify these bicycles to make them comfortable and safe for leisure bicycling. Moreover, there are many dealers who are providing imported bicycles for sale in Pakistan.


The rise of covid-19 cases and the shutdown of parks and other public places has resulted in more free and family time. So families are seen doing more activities together like walking, cycling and playing games like badminton and tennis, etc. 

Human Rights Activists:

The human rights activists in Pakistan are also using bicycles as a medium to break social taboos which stopped women from riding bicycles and bikes in Pakistan.

Although cycling is growing rapidly still it is in the early stages in Pakistan. The government not only needs to create awareness about using bicycles as an alternative to other means of transportation but also improve the infrastructure to ensure the safety of cyclists. Also, the government needs to improve the condition of the cycling industry. This will not only open new ways for bicycles for sale in Pakistan but also can take them to the next level of the import and export industry.

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