Best Pakistani Wedding Dresses For Men

Nowadays, weddings are much more elaborate affairs with portrayals of brilliant colors and styles than they used to be. Every moment of a wedding has special significance because the bride and groom count each and every one, from the momentous nikah and barat through the joyous walima festivities.

If you’re looking for Pakistani wedding dresses for men, you’ve come to the right place. The current men’s clothing has been covered to help you stand out from the audience with your striking appearance.

Mehndi Dresses

1.  Kurta with Pajama

Thanks to the groom’s exquisite but alluring appearance, the colorful mehndi ceremony becomes even more extravagant. A popular style chosen by men is the kurta with pajamas. Although most grooms like to wear white pajamas, others go for colored or printed kurtas. The prints and vivid colors both improve their appearance.

2.  Embroidered Kurtas

Oftentimes, grooms choose embroidered shalwar and kurta. In this circumstance, white is also an option due to its decency, but other tones of gray, black, and brown may also add elegance to one’s appearance.

While some men like to have motifs close to the front pockets or at the rear, complex needlework is typically seen on collars or the neckline. This style is commonly donned when grooms don’t want to wear dupattas or waistcoats, etc.

3.  Shalwar Kameez

Pakistani wedding dresses shalwar kameez for men are a preferred choice because of their simplicity. However, for a more elegant appearance, the majority of grooms opt to wear embroidered kameez and shalwar.

Men’s individuality is enhanced by the shades of white, off-white, and black, and if an item of clothing has distinctive, vibrantly colored stitching on it, it will be the ideal attire for a mehndi night.

4.  Embroidered Waistcoats

Menswear waistcoats are currently in style. They are seen wearing waistcoats everywhere to dress up. A simple shalwar kameez or kurta with embroidered waistcoats is the perfect clothing for both a mehndi and a nikkah ceremony.

Waistcoats, which are exquisite in design and ethnic in nature, add the height of elegance for grooms. Therefore, you can flaunt flair with opulently embroidered waistcoats with patent designs.

Barat Dresses

5.  White Sherwani

The primary preference for a barat is the classic sherwani. The color white is often included during Pakistani wedding festivities. That’s why the majority of men who want to wear some bright colors to a mehndi ceremony opt for a traditional white or off-white embroidered sherwani.

The color white is associated with sanctity and beauty.

Some men choose a self-printed off-white sherwani for a more elegant and fashionable appearance rather than a heavily embroidered one. Other than that, a dupatta or sehra has been added, which improves the groom’s appeal.

6.  Embroidered Sherwani

The ideal option for a finer appearance is an embroidered sherwani. A sherwani with floral thread embroidery has a lovely appearance, and excellence is accomplished by adding a contrast dupatta, a sehra, and a classic khussa.

7.  Coat Style Sherwani

An outstanding wedding attire was created by combining the western suit with the eastern sherwani fashions. The jackets have a sherwani-like appearance. They are finer and more stylish thanks to the intricate embroidery and printing.

The fashionable Jodhpuri form of this sherwani coat allows one to customize the length of the garment to their preference. These are all equally appropriate for grooms and are also offered in medium to lavish embroidery.

8.  Quaid-Style Sherwani

The Quaid-e-Azam’s favorite sherwani is one of the outfits that men most frequently choose to wear to Pakistani weddings. The elegant clothing gives the person a slim appearance.

Men’s Walima Dresses

9.  Pant Coat Suits

One’s appearance has a significant influence on their personality, and for a good and powerful impact, grooms typically wear a pant and coat style with a tie that matches the bridal gown. It’s one of the most popular Pakistani wedding dresses for men. Grooms frequently choose bow ties for a fashionable and modern appearance.

Black, navy blue, brown, and gray are the preferred colors with delicate pastel shirts or ties. On top of that, the addition of chic shoe colors completes the handsome macho appearance. The environment around the groom might be brightened with a clean, traditional suit that exudes total charm.

10.  Vest Suits

Vest suits are the finest alternative to the conventional waistcoat design. This western style is ideal for you if wearing a complete suit with your barat and walima disturbs you.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many different options you can choose from for the big day. And the best part? If you have to attend a wedding and are on a budget, many different retailers let you rent or buy wedding dresses in installments.

Regardless of the decision, you are guaranteed to get your hands on a high-quality outfit that will help you make your mark on the event. So, if you’re looking to get simple Pakistani wedding dresses for men, do check out online stores and local retailers.

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